system 0.1.8

System started its life as a component library, a high-level convenience library on top of Stuart Sierra's components, providing community-backed, ready-made components: http-kit, datomic, monger and the usual suspects.

System 0.1.8 has just been released, but it is not the same anymore. It is different, changed—even I have trouble to recognize its old self. I suppose you could call this a metamorphosis. Indeed, this looks every bit like the workings of a spell. System has met Boot, and the attraction has proven irresistible. The two went off, and there is nothing I could do to stop it.

With Boot, system acts like a smooth operator, enhancing your flow. It aims to take care of the nitty-gritty aspects of keeping an application up while it is being written. In the seventies, they called this Interactive programming. It is also known as REPL-based programming, Lisp-style programming or live coding.

Here are some of the properties that boot-system brings to your workflow:

Note: System continues to be a convenience library with ready-made components, fully compatible with Leiningen. As a matter of fact, the latest version ships with a new ElasticSearch component, courtesy of Jan Stępień.

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Daniel Szmulewicz 25 May 2015
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